Toyal Japan

Toyo Aluminium KK serves Asia and the Pacific from its two head offices located in Osaka and Tokyo. In addition, it operates two aluminum paste and powder manufacturing plants both located in Japan.

Head office locations
6-8, 3-chome, Kyutaro-machi Chuo-ku, OSAKA, 541-0056, Japan
tel 06-6271-3154
fax 06-6243-0664

1-23, 4-chome, Shiba Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0014, Japan
tel 03-5443-6012
fax 03-5443-6011


Plant locations and facts

The Shinjo Works
228-1, Shin-machi, Shinjo-cho, Kitakatsuragi-gun, Nara, 639-2127, Japan
tel 0745-69-3091
fax 0745-69-6972

Toyal Japan's Shinjo Works is one of the largest aluminum paste manufacturing plants in the world. To meet your diverse aluminum paste needs, Shinjo Works mills and polishes raw materials (aluminum powder or foil) to produce high quality aluminum paste of various finishes and functions. Products manufactured at Shinjo Works are shipped throughout Asia, the Pacific, Europe and America.

Shinjo Works obtained ISO 9001 Certification in 1997, and it remains committed to maintaining a high level of quality assurance. In addition, the plant achieves accurate product delivery with the cooperation of its affiliated plants in the U.S.A. and France.

Hino Plant
341-14, Ohtani Higashiyama, Hino-cho, Gamou-gun, Shiga, 529-1608, Japan
tel 0748-53-1151
fax 0748-53-0316

Hino Plant is Toyo Aluminium's specialized operation for the production of aluminum powders. Hino Plant obtained ISO 9002 Certification in 1998. Its atomization process, based on the most advanced technology, produces micron-size powders of high uniformity. A variety of automated control devices and test equipment built into the production lines enable Hino to meet your unique quality and volume requirements. In addition to producing aluminum powders, Hino Plant has mass production facilities for aluminum alloy powders and a facility for the production of high purity aluminum nitride powders.

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