Toyal History

Toyal America, Inc. was established in 1987 as a joint venture between Alcan Aluminum Ltd and Toyo Aluminium KK. Today, as a member of the Toyal Group, Toyal America is dedicated to being the world's technological resource for leading-edge aluminum pigments for automotive and other high, value-added coatings applications. In addition to aluminum pigments, Toyal America also enjoys the reputation of being the leading supplier of spherical aluminum powders to the solid rocket motor industry as well as serving other chemical and metallurgical markets from its aluminum powder atomizers located along with its pigment production units at the Lockport, IL production facility.

Toyal offers a full spectrum of aluminum pigments, pastes, flakes and powders for the ultimate in automotive and industrial application flexibility. Look to Toyal for:
  • leading-edge circulation resistant (TCR US Patent #RE36911) aluminum pastes created especially for formulators that require the brightest, whitest aluminums yet able to withstand the high shear usually found in the production process of high solids coatings.
  • high efficiency, encapsulated automotive style aluminum flake pigments (PCF) for dryblended or bonded metallic powder coatings.
  • Sophisticated production processes required to meet the long- range color styling demands of global coatings companies.
  • Vertical integration to insure uninterrupted supply of critical raw materials.
  • Global access to products via Toyal Group worldwide supply network
Aluminum pigment expertise
Toyal and its affiliated group of companies are committed to keeping you informed about the latest technological advances in non-leafing aluminum pigments, specialty products and atomized aluminum powder. Experienced customer support representatives are available around the world to answer your questions. To find out how Toyal can successfully solve your aluminum pigment and atomized powder challenges, please contact us.

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