Toyal America's Polymer Coated Flake (PCF) pigments were specifically designed for the Powder Coating industry and have become this industry's material of choice. These products feature superior clarity, appearance and performance characteristics yielding pigments that meet a wide variety of styling needs.

Innovative aluminum pigments for outstanding powder coatings

The metallic powder coating market relies heavily on Toyal America's PCF series aluminum pigments. The unique PCF series features a fully cross–linked acrylic resin shell around each flake. This coating allows the particle to acquire the charge necessary for high transfer efficiencies, and improves the pigment's acid and alkali resistance.

Why PCF pigments?

Unlike other treated aluminum pigments, Toyal's PCF product line avoids loss of clarity while maximizing color retention. With regard to cleanliness, brightness and durability, the PCF line is hard to beat.

Additional PCF pigment benefits:
  • Better transfer efficiencies than untreated grades – settings of 80KV overcome application voltage sensitivities and styling difficulties typically found with untreated (highly conductive) aluminum pigments
  • High performance resins and high quality aluminum pigments ensure successful styling and application
Safety and handling facts

Toyal America research suggests that there is no increased margin of safety when handling coated grades of powder pigments versus conventional untreated aluminum flake pigments. The data indicates that the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) of PCF aluminum flake products is comparable to our standard flake products.

Toyal recommendations:
  • Use the same safety and handling practices for PCF pigments that you would normally follow in a safe and clean workplace.
  • Consult the Aluminum Association Bulletin TR–2 titled, Recommendations for Storage and Handling of Aluminum Powders and Pastes. Request your copy from the Toyal America sales office.
  • When blending or handling aluminum pigments and powder resins, use a low speed mixer or v–shaped cone blender for even distribution of the aluminum –resin blend. Either method will provide for the adequate dispersion and break down of pigment or resin agglomerations.

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