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Toyal has developped a completely new type of interference aluminum pigment.
The surface of the flakes are covered with a silica layer and plated with metal particles.
The difference in optical paths between the light reflected from the plated layer and the light reflected from the aluminium flakes causes strong interference colors.
As aluminium flakes are used as the base material, the hiding power of CHROMASHINE®-X is superior to that of other interference pigments.

CHROMASHINE®-X comes as a dry flake and consequently can be used in solvent, waterborne, and UV cured systems.

CHROMASHINE®-X pigments offer a unique palette of highly chromatic and multicolour effect for coatings and inks.

Grade Highlight Shade Appearance
CRS CPK 20-X Pale Rose Gold CRS CPK 20-X
CRS RPK 20-X Pink Dark Orange CRS RPK 20-X
CRS GR 20-X Light Green Light Blue CRS GR 20-X
CRS TGR 20-X Green Turquoise Light Blue CRS TGR 20-X
CRS BL 20-X Dark Blue Violet CRS BL 20-X
CRS MBL 20-X Light Blue Dark Blue CRS MBL 20-X
CRS OR 20-X Orange Light Green CRS OR 20-X
CRS GD 20-X Gold Green CRS GD 20-X
CRS SL 20-X Silver Silver CRS SL 20-X
CRS RE 20-X Red Gold Dark Violet CRS RE 20-X
*Mean particle size: 20μm - Powder form

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