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Toyal's FRIEND COLOR® is a unique pigment technology.
Colored organic pigments are absorbed onto the entire surface of the aluminum flakes.
The result is a unique metallic effect with high chromaticity that cannot be matched by only mixing aluminum flakes and colored organic pigments together.

Solventborne in Mineral Spirit

COLOR 17μm 12μm 17μm 26μm
Blue D9557BL D9452BL D9462BL D9851BL
Neutral Blue     D462NB  
Red   D451RE D462RE D111RE
Yellow   D452YE D462YE D851YE
Green D462GR

Waterborne with Emeral® treatment on IPA

COLOR 18μm
Blue EMR-D946BA
Neutral Blue EMR-46NBA
Green EMR-D46GRA

friendcolor d462 bl friend color d462 nb friend color Red friend color Green friend color Blue

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