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Toyal Emeral® waterborne treatment uses inorganic high-density silica for the encapsulation of the aluminum flake and PM solvent as the carrier (Methyl Propylene Glycol).
Toyal Emeral® waterborne treatment is one of the leading treatments for waterborne passivation and is used in critical applications like automotive OEM coatings and refinish.
This safe encapsulation with silica reinforces the strength of the aluminum flake, giving it improved circulation resistant properties.
The very thin silica film prevents the emission of hydrogen gas when the pigment is used in a waterborne paint system.
Toyal Emeral® waterborne treatment provides performance and excellent metallic visual appearance.

Toyal Emeral® EMR-D Series

GRADE Treatment Flake D50 in micron
EMR-D8188 Silicate Cornflake 13
EMR-D161H Silicate Cornflake 19
EMR-D6390 Silicate lenticular 7
EMR-D4670 Silicate lenticular 9
EMR-D5660 Silicate lenticular 10
EMR-D6340 Silicate lenticular 12
EMR-D767E Silicate lenticular 15
EMR-D125 Silicate lenticular 18
EMR-D3040 Silicate lenticular 18
EMR-D5422 Silicate lenticular 19
EMR-D762E Silicate lenticular 20
EMR-DM1100 Silicate round sparkling 32
EMR-D1250 Silicate round sparkling 49

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