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Toyal Cosmicolor® Celeste offers the cosmetic industry an unmatched technology developed on aluminum flake substrate coated by silica layers and metal particles layers to obtain an interference effect.
By working on the thickness of the layers, we can control the color change of the pigments (Hue) and the intensity or purity of the chroma.
The result is a stunning duo chrome and holographic type effect that continues to change depending on where you position yourself when looking at the pigment.
Toyal Cosmicolor® Celeste is a Toyal signature pigment for the cosmetic color industry.

Grade Features Appearance
Rose Pink Violet-orange color travel CRS CPK 20-X
Iris Blue Deep chromatic blue CRS CPK 20-X
Morpho Blue Light-dark blue color travel CRS CPK 20-X
Telca Green Turquoise-blue color travel CRS CPK 20-X
Aqua Green Green-turquoise color travel CRS CPK 20-X
Meadow Gold Gold-green color travel CRS CPK 20-X
Ivy Orange Orange-green color travel CRS CPK 20-X
Cherry Pink Pink-gold color travel CRS CPK 20-X
*Composition (INCI): Aluminum powder / Silica / Silver / Tin oxide. Mean particle size : 20μm - Powder form

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