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Toyal TCP series are for thermal management and thermal interface materials.
Toyal TCP series are used as heat dissipating fillers and were developped to increase filler packing for better thermal conductivity.

Grade Name Typical D50 (microns) Min Aluminum ingot purity Standard drum size
TCP1 1.0 99.70% 250 LBS
TCP2B 2.0 99.70% 300 LBS
TCP3 3.0 99.70% 400 LBS
TCP9 9.0 99.70% 400 LBS
TCP12 12.0 99.70% 400 LBS
TCP14 14.0 99.70% 400 LBS
TCP16 16.0 99.70% 400 LBS
TCP18 18.0 99.70% 400 LBS
TCP20 20.0 99.70% 400 LBS

Thermal Interface materials for electronics devices such as greases, pads, phase change materials, tapes, pastes...
*Toyal America has also the capability to offer higly screened aluminum powders.

Gas Atomized Thermal Management Gas Atomized Thermal Management

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