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Toyal PCF series (Polymer Coated Flake) and PC & PCK series are specifically designed for the Powder Coating industry and have become this industry's material of choice.
These products feature superior clarity, appearance and performance characteristics yielding pigments that meet a wide variety of styling needs.
Toyal coated aluminum flakes for powder coating can be used for dry blending and bonding.

PCF Series

Grade Surface treatment Typical D50 (μm) Flake Shape
PCF 8160 polymer encapsulation 16 Cornflake
PCF 7130 polymer encapsulation 24 Cornflake
PCF 400AG polymer encapsulation 32 Round
PCF 200AG polymer encapsulation 40 Round

PCK and PC series

Grade Surface treatment D50(μm) Flake Shape
PCK256 Silica 56 Round
PCK240 Silica 40 Round
PCK822 Silica 22 Cornflake
PC-259 Sol-Gel Silica 59 Round
PC-341 Sol-Gel Silica 41 Round
PC-512 Sol-Gel Silica 12 Cornflake

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